AI - ChatPGT, Agile

šŸ’” AI-Driven Automation with ChatGPT Delivers the Agile Vision

Agile wisely advises getting Working Software as fast as possible, to facilitate Business User Collaboration and Iteration. ChatGPT and API Logic Server deliver this vision, with 1 hour project cycles:

  1. Create Database With ChatGPT
  2. Create Working Software Now with API Logic Server:

    • Creates executable, customizable projects from databases: API with Swagger, Admin App
    • Declare logic and security with spreadsheet-like rules, using your IDE
  3. Deploy for Collaboration with API Logic Server: e.g. to the Azure Cloud

  4. Iterate: add additional rules, with a pinch of Python as required

This process leverages your existing IT infrastructure: your IDE, GitHub, the cloud, your databaseā€¦ open source.

To give it a try, click here. Allow 20 minutes, a bit more if you are new to Azure.

, Delivering the Agile Vision