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Sample DB, Project

The sample application is created from the pre-installed sample database shown below (tutorial here). It is an extension to Northwind that includes additional relationships:

  • multiple relationships between Department / Employee
  • multi-field relationships between Order / Location
  • self-relationships in Department

Sample Database

You can create projects for it with or without logic, as described below.


Northwind without logic

To install without pre-installed customizations for the API and Logic:

ApiLogicServer create --project_name=nw_sample_nocust --db_url=nw-
Open the project in your IDE, and open the readme for a walk-through:

Tutorial Welcome


Add Customizations

The tour begins with a review of the uncustomized project.

This illustrates the level of automation you can expect with your own projects.

The tutorial then shows how to add customizations:

ApiLogicServer add-cust


This installs:

  1. Logic: The integrity of this database is enforced with this logic
  2. Integration: this Kafka logic

Add Security

Finally, as shown above, add security (defaulting to sqlite-based authorization):

ApiLogicServer add-auth


Northwind with Logic

You can also create the project with the logic pre-installed:

ApiLogicServer create --project_name=nw_sample --db_url=nw+


The ChatGPT-based sample is structured as follows:

Sample-ai Database


Basic Demo

The ChatGPT-based sample is structured as follows:

Sample-ai Database