Table Filters

For databases with many tables, it may be desirable to filter these when creating your model.

As of release 8.1.11, ApiLogicServer create provides a --include_tables option. You can include or exclude tables based on regex expressions.

You designate a yaml file of regex expressions, such as:

  - I.*
  - J
  - X.*
  - X1.*

For example, you can exclude the Region:

ApiLogicServer create --project_name=nw_filtered --db_url=nw --include_tables=nw_filter.yml

where nw_filter contains:

  - .*
  - Region

Heads up - exact match syntax ^Region$

Regex infers implicit leading/trailing wildcards. For exact match, use ^Region$ in the example above

As of release 8.1.12, you can omit the include/extend tag, and/or the values under them. Prior releases require these tags to be present, and populated (e.g., use 'a^' to exclude nothing)