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VENV (internals)

💡 TL;DR: 2 venvs: Run-venv, Dev-venv (no CLI)

For internal API Logic Server Developers, there are 2 distinct venv environents:

  1. Run-venv: contains key libs (Flask, SQLAlchemy, SAFRS), and the CLI

    • This is used for created projects
  2. Dev-venv: key libs only (no CLI)

    • This is used to develop API Logic Server (the internals)


Run venv

This is used by created projects. It supports:

  • Execution
  • CLI operations such as adding authentication, rebuild etc.

As such, this venv includes the entire API Logic Server package - source here:

# this includes the key libraries (Flask, SQLAlchemy, SAFRS), and the API Logic Server CLI


The sections below describe the general components, and why CLI elements are included in the Run venv


Key Libs

As you'd expect, this venv includes the key runtime libs, such as Flask, SQLAlchemy, Safrs, LogicBank, etc.


CLI Services

The CLI provides commands such as add-auth and rebuild. These are required for existing projects.


Admin App Runtime

In addition, this venv contains the Admin App Runtime. Note it's not in the GitHub project; it's placed in your source tree by the dev install procedure as a gitignore directory.

For more information, see Admin App Reuse.

If the dev inst fails to include this (e.g., improper dev-install, or dev-install failures), the Admin App will fail to run.


Dev venv

The dev dev venv includes all the key libs, *plus the CLI.

Note it's also defined in the

Note this does not include the CLI. That is because the dev environment is focused on changing the CLI, so it's important not to confuse you/Python about whether you are running code from the venv, or from the source tree. We want the latter, so we omit this from the venv.