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Is this a Low Code approach?

TL;DR - a Low Code approach for creating database systems

API Logic Server is a Low Code approach for creating database systems, particularly those providing transactional updates.

There are many excellent low-code products that focus on User Interfaces.

API Logic Server differs from these with a no-compromise Enterprise / Developer focus:

  • GenAI-based database and rules creation

  • Strong focus on backend logic, with unique rules

  • Uses your existing tooling: IDE. languages, libraries, deployment, etc

    • This "designed for standards-based extensibility" provides the flexibility to deal with the "last mile" problems often encountered by automation.

    • This "Dev / IT friendly" approach can help promote Low Code adoption more widely in their organizations.

    • While GenAI is employed, it is for dev, not production. This means that there is no runtime overhead, and developers are able to assess any AI "hallunications" prior to production.

  • Automated Modern Software Architeture - APIs, Messages, Logic Sharing

  • Promotes Agile with Working Software, Instantly

    • Creates admin apps even faster - automatically, no screen painting required

    • Enables early discovery of misunderstood requirements, incomplete business concept

The API Logic server Admin App is designed for instant Agile collaboration, and back office data maintenance. For richer applications, utilize the automated API. Importantly, this dramatically simplifies UI development since the API encapsulates business logic.

The following table contrasts traditional "Business User" Low Code with "Developer" Low Code:

Aspect Business User Low Code Developer Low Code
Screen Painter Commonly Provided Not Provided
Customizations Proprietary Studio Standard IDE
Rich UI Via Screen Painter Declarative App Models
Instant Working Software
for Agile Collaboration
Can be tedious Instant App Automation
No Screen Painting Required
Database Creation Via Forms
Can be complicated
Gen AI Natural Language
Break-through simplicity
Business Logic
(It's nearly half the system)
Proprietary Code
🏆  Unique Spreadsheet-like Rules
Declarative - 40X More Concise
Architecture Proprietary - rigid Automated Microservice
Standard Docker
Flexibile: Cloud, Internal