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Dev Preview in Cloud

💡 TL;DR - Dev Preview

Agile correctly advises getting Working Software as fast as possible, to facilitate Business User Collaboration and Iteration:

  1. Instant Creation: create working software from a database.

  2. Publish to GitHub: for dev team collaboration

  3. Dev Deploy to the Cloud: use the working software to collaborate with Business Users

Use API Logic Server to create Dev Previews.


Dev Previews

API Logic Server can create projects with APIs and UIs with a single command. But to enable collaboration, these need to be available to your colleagues.

Such Dev Preview deployments focus on simple and fast, as distinct from Production Deployments that focus on scalability, availability, etc. As such:

  • You might use Flask as a Web Server, instead of a production web server such as nginx

  • You might use database containers, with both DBMS software and data, which make it easy to test both locally and in the cloud.


Test Databases

The procedures here offer 2 alternatives for test databases:

  1. Managed Databases: use Azure to create databases and add data, and access from an App Server container

  2. Container Databases: use docker container databases, and deploy as a docker compose, combining your App Server container and your docker database

The examples below use pre-supplied MySQL and Postgres databases; for more information, click here.