Is this a Proven Technology?

There are several novel elements of API Logic Server:

  • Logic, using spreadsheet-like rules, customizable with Python
  • Automated Admin Apps - multi-page, multi-table, automatic joins
  • Models, expressed in Python, instead of massive code generation
  • Customizable, using a standard language, in standard IDEs such as VSCode or PyCharm

It's therefore quite reasonable to ask whether this technology is proven.

It has.

Key aspects of this technology first surfaced in PACE, Wang's highly regarded DBMS with over 6500 installed sites. It provided a relational query engine with rule enforcement, an application builder, and a query/report writer. The technology was awarded several patents for rules and application generation.

The next major implementation was Versata, a J2EE app dev system with over 700 sites. Funded by the founders of Microsoft, SAP, Ingres and Informix, it went public in 2000 with an IPO exceeding $3B.

These commercial implementations both cost in the range of $35,000 - $50,000 per CPU. Now available in open source.