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Integration Mapping

💡 TL;DR - IntegrationService: Map, Alias, Lookups

RowDictMapper is a system-supplied class that provides methods to convert between SQLAlchemy rows and Dict.

Services include selecting columns / related data joins, providing aliases, and Lookups. Activate these by extending RowDictMapper and configuring your row / mapping.


OrderB2B is an RowDictMapper subclass that defines a dict structure, with the 2 conversion methods shown.




This is the definition of a RowDictMapper called OrderB2B. It defines the shape of orders received from business partners. It extends the system-supplied RowDictMapper.


  1. fields designates a subset of the attributes
  2. Several attributes are aliased, such as Quantity as QuantityOrdered (around line 27).
  3. It also chooses related data, such as the Items, with a nested RowDictMapper
  4. It defines the subset of attributes used for Lookups
    • Our data model defines the foreign key as ProductId
    • But our partners do not know these; they refer to them as ProductName
    • So, a lookup enables them to provide a ProductName; the RowDictMapper converts these into a ProductId

This custom resource uses dict_to_row to convert the request data into SQLAlchemy objects, and saves them. This runs the transaction logic (e.g., check credit, reorder Products).

dict to row



Part of the business logic needs to convert orders into messages, formatted per Shipping specifications. The after_flush event uses row_to_dict to automate this conversion.