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Customize Using Your IDE

Customize: Rules, Python

Customize API Logic Projects using:

  • Rules and Python, with standard Python packages, such as Flask and SQLAlchemy.

  • In your IDE, using standard IDE features, such as code editors with code completion, source control, debuggers, Natural Language, etc.

Flexibility of a Framework

  1. You can find customization points by searching your project for Your Code Goes Here.

  2. You can find customization examples by creating the Tutorial, and searching for #als.


Discoverability - Logic, Services

In addition to altering the files noted above, you can use discovery. This enables logic and services to be broken up into multiple files, which are auto-discovered.

These can help teams integrate their work, with reduced conflict.




The ApiLogicServer create command also creates:

  • Launch configurations to run your project, and run tests.
  • Docker files to open your project, and dockerize your project into a container for DockerHub


For more information on opening projects and establishing their Python Execution environment, see Execute an API Logic Project.



Utilize IDE Debuggers, including for declarative rules, as described in the Tutorial:




If you change your database / data model, you can rebuild the project, preserving customizations. For more information, click here.