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GitHub and Codespaces

API Logic Projects are standard, and so are their GitHb / IDE operations. A typical flow is illustrated below.

💡 TL;DR - Standard file-based projects enable git; Codespaces ready

Projects are file-based (including logic), so work with standard git support.

Projects are pre-configured for Dev Containers, so work with Codespaces.

Local Project Creation

Create your project, customize as necessary, and use git or your IDE to publish the project to GitHub. For example, in VSCode, there is a button to Publish your project.

Codespaces Project Creation

This procedure requires your database be accessible from the cloud.

  1. Open the [template]{
  2. Click the large green Use this template > Open in a Codespace button
    • The template defines your .devcontainer, including Python and API Logic Server
  3. Create your project in place, e.g.:
    • ApiLogicServer create --project_name=./ --db_url=nw
  4. Don't rebuild the Dev Container
  5. Publish as a new project (providing your own name):

API Logic Server Intro

Open existing GitHub project in Codespaces

However you have created your project, you (and your teammates) can open it in Codespaces:

API Logic Server Intro

You will now see your project - running in VSCode, in the Browser. But that's just what you see...

Behind the scenes, Codespaces has requisitioned a cloud machine, and loaded your project - with a complete development environment - Python, your dependencies, git, etc.

You are attached to this machine in your Browser, running VSCode.

🏆 Pretty remarkable.

1. Start the Server

  • Use the pre-defined Launch Configuration

2. Start the Browser

API Logic Server Intro