Agile Integrations

💡 TL;DR - Agile Integrations with Instant, Logic-Enforced, Consumer-Defined APIs

Many organizations still employ ETL (Extract, Transfer and Load) approaches for integrations. These are costly non-agile projects, inefficient, and operationally clumsy.

API Logic Server enables Agile Integrations:

  • Instant API creation

    • Eliminates ad hoc projects to write and deploy ETL services

    • Eliminates complex DevOps procedures to run nightly ETL executions

    • Eliminates inefficient Extract runs, replacing them with lightweight API calls that return current data

  • Logic-Enforced APIs ensure that such accesses are subjected to security, and maintain data integrity

  • JSON:APIs are consumer-defined, ensuring client organizations to self-serve, without requiring ad hoc API development for each new integration